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Menj is quite the famous blogger in Malaysia. Some know him for reasons I better not mention (hehehe) and some know him as the young man who has several blogs. I can say that Menj and I were the two earliest posties from Malaysia who joined PayPerPost. We are both quite the adventurous ones who will try out anything and see if they work. At that time, there were lots of naysayers about writing paid posts and having our index taken off Google and etc. But Menj stood firm and look what he has achieved today?

He has several blogs now and is earning a good income from them. He has also invested in advertisements. One of the latest is the advertisement on Blogging For Money he placed through nuffnang. I must say that this is a very smart way of building up his sites. I think if we wish to expand our sites, we need to invest a little of the money we earned to do it.

Have you done this yet? I have so far paid for some advertisements in PayPerPost and StumbleUpon. I wish to pay for Adwords but do not like the idea of paying by credit card. I can tell you that it feels good be play the role of advertiser sometimes because we get to see the other side of the story.

So, thanks, Menj for placing your ads here!

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