Today, someone asked me if ‘one died or both died?’ He has been following my blog posts but I didn’t make it very clear who died and who didn’t. So, I told him, both died. Now, I am free to do my own things.

I finally get to catch up with my paid posts. I had to complete 20 paid posts within a few hours because the deadline was 7th June. Lucky it is only 60-words job with free reign to write whatever I want, as long as I have the keywords anchored properly. I also managed to complete two high paying paid posts last night, just before the stroke of midnight.

I just logged into my Chitika, Amazon, some banner ads program, LinkXL, Text Link Ads, Link etc etc yadda yadda and even my PayPal. I realised that when I was busy, I even forget to check my income. I lost track of how much I made, which payments are due and what are the expected income in June.

This is so un-me. Normally, I keep track of everything and every single cents I made. Now, I merely make a random check like every few weeks. I have not been checking how my blogs rank in the SERPs and if traffic is increasing or decreasing.

If you are serious about making money online, you cannot afford to have this lack of control over your income. When I was serious about making money online, here are what I normally do DAILY :

1) Check how I am ranking
2) Check my traffic
3 Find out what are the hot keywords
4) Scan through the kind of ads I am getting
5) Check if I have sold any new links, banners
6) Know in advance what I have made and how much I am supposed to be paid
7) Scour the net for new watering holes and oasis
8) Read and update myself through probloggers and favourite blogs posts
9) Spy on competition
10) Crack my head on new ways to make money and anticipate waves

All the above 10 points took up my whole day. Of course, I didn’t spend all the hours doing that but I do it in between my daily routine. Still, it is a full time job requiring full concentration and focus.

So, are you ready to spend that kind of energy, focus, time and sometimes money to make money online? Me? I am going to take things easy for another few more weeks because I have found my new ‘calling’. Writing about faith. God will provide me my daily bread.

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