I am going to do a major SEO for TMNet.

TMNet is the world lousiest company with the most clueless staffs and the worst service with the stupiest concept ever.

We signed up for the 4Mbps TMNet broadband which was highly promoted.

Nothing happen for weeks.

My hubby went to their office at TMPoint to ask.

He came home.

Our current 1Mbps internet connection doesn’t work.

He phoned.

They told him they need to disconnect the line to install the new one.

Stupid. TMNet service sucks.

You know why? They take freaking minutes to disconnect our line. But now, they need

3-7 days to install the 4MBps WTF?


3 days to re-connect back our old line, if we still want it. WTF?

Have you ever seen any company as stupid as TMNet?

And the shitty thing is it is the only Internet Service Provider in Malaysia. There are other services but they don’t quite measure up because of the monopoly given to this company.

So, this is my gift to them. Let’s see how soon I can get on the first page for TMNet or TMNet broadbad or TMNet 4Mbps broadband.

And yes, this is a test case of SEO which you can learn from.


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