TLA – The history by Patrick Gavin

Eventhough I had been Google smacked all across my blogs for putting TLA previously, I still am fond of TLA. I no longer sell text links that pass Google juice on this site because I am using the no-follow tags. But on those blogs that are favourites of TLA advertisers, I am still earning a decent income.

Of all the ads companies, I think Text Link Ads has the best customers/publishers support. From the sales and marketing, technical to accounts department, all of them have been very accommodating. In fact, I even have an old post titled “Why I *heart* TLA

Few days ago, I read the article written by Patrick Gavin on history of TLA and I am full of admiration for the company. The company has survived eventhough it was deindexed. If you search for TLA, text link ads or any similar keywords, you cannot find the company TLA. It is quite sad that I had to drop selling text links through TLA on most of my blogs. I actually like the arrangement of leaving my text links sales be managed by third party because I have so many blogs and catching up with advertisers, negotiating, collecting payments etc will be too much chore for me.

Recently, TLA has use other methods of putting links and I read from some SEO blogs, these will be under Google radar. I don’t know….I treasure my current PR 4/10 so I won’t be selling TLA over here eventhough I used to get USD80/2 per link. (50% to me, 50% to TLA).

But for the benefits of those bloggers who wish to give TLA a try, I am putting the little 125×125 on my sidebar for a few days. The 125×125 looks so pathetic being all empty. I hope Google won’t kill my PR over a small button like that? On a no-follow blog too!

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5 thoughts on “TLA – The history by Patrick Gavin

    Stephan Miller

    (March 3, 2008 - 11:35 pm)

    TLA does have some new ways of hiding their links. The pay per link is not the same though. It is much lower, but has a potential for a higher of volume of links. I, too, am afraid of loosing rank but have a lot of sites. So I would use TLA on some of them.

    sir jorge

    (March 4, 2008 - 1:53 am)

    I have 0/10 pr and text-link-ads is making me passive income. I actually do like it, it’s awesome.

    Make Money Talks

    (March 4, 2008 - 3:09 am)

    I think to give them a try!

    Ping Pong Paddles

    (March 5, 2008 - 2:57 am)

    Well I lost all my PR on my main blog by using TLA and PPP and I have never gotten it back. I regret using them as I lost everything for a mere $30.00 before I pulled everything

    Toronto Dedicated Servers

    (March 8, 2008 - 7:50 pm)

    The pay per link is not the same though. It is much lower, but has a potential for a higher of volume of links.

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