Time to upgrade to WordPress 2.2.2

Yeap, it is upgrading time again. Do upgrade [tag]Wordpress[/tag] 2.2.2. I have done it for a few blogs and it is a breeze. Nothing screwed up this time, unlike my previous experiences with WP2.2.1 where my wp_config.php messed up.

You can get the zip files from this link at wordpress.org and also a bit of details on what is involved.

One thing that I observed is the increasing number of people complaining about CPU overload problems. Several of my blog buddies had their site down due to this problem. I also had the same problems until I moved to my own Virtual Private Server. Sometimes, the problem still crops up but the difference is I can reboot the system from my PC using Putty. (I still do not know what putty is except I am in control.)

Right now, I have one domain in Bluehost and I have that php overload wateva problem as well. The site was running with no problem when I was using the earlier version of WordPress, the one without the widgets. I am not sure if this is WP problem or all the webhosts are being strict.

And in case you have not read, JohnCow is a mad cow who thinks it is April 1st. LOL.

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1 thought on “Time to upgrade to WordPress 2.2.2


    (August 6, 2007 - 9:41 pm)

    Hi Lilian,

    I just did my upgrade. I took about 30 minutes and I was sweating as this was my first time doing so.

    I am glad that everything ran smooth though it took longer than I expected.

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