Three useful Kontera Plugins

I have been using Kontera for a while and I am surprised that their ads do pay. One of my food blogs, Best Recipe seems to have very good payout. Best Recipes get ads for even simple words like stir fry, cake, coconut and other basic words. The link appeared very natural and I guess surfers do get curious and check those links out.


The word chefs with double blue underline is Kontera ad. Screenshot from my food blog)

On Best Recipe, I do not do much paid post except for SponsoredReviews or other high paying reviews. So, I do not have to worry too much about filtering Kontera out.

However, if you are using Kontera on blogs with paid posts, then, you must diligently make sure that those posts do not contain any in text link. You can be suspended and even banned from PayPerPost, Blogitive and other pay-to-post companies because this is against the Terms of Service (TOS). I also feel it is unfair to our advertisers if we do not make sure that the paid posts are ads free. You certainly do not want to pay someone to write something and in the post, your competitors’ ads appear, right?

So, what are the three useful Kontera Plugins?

You only need to use one. They are arranged in the order the plugins are created. I use a combination of all three on different blogs. I have no recommendation which is better. All three plugin authors have done a good job so if you find their plugin useful and helped you, remember to chip in to their PayPal donate.

1) Kontera ContentLinks / MIVA InLine Plugin

Use this if you do not write paid post as this plugin doesn’t help you to filter out from individual posts.

2) KonteraControl

Lucia, the author is a PayPerPost postie and hence, she knows the inside out of how PPP works. She has enabled the filtering of posts to the number of days. You see, our advertisers only pay us to place the link for 30 days. Say after 60 days and you choose to leave the paid post there, you have the choice to ‘release’ Kontera ads into that post. I normally do not delete or take down my paid posts so I use Lucia’s Kontera Kontrol for my PPP’s blogs.

I place all my paid posts into a certain category and hence, the filter works per category and also specific number of days.

3) Kontera Integration

This works by filtering according to posts.

This plugin adds the Kontera script to the bottom of the page. Also you can choose which posts to omit from targeting, this is very useful when you use PayPerPost. By Karol Krizka.

(the site unavailable at time of writing)

Plugin #2 and #3 are both suitable for those bloggers who write paid posts. I have no special preference.

I only monetize with Kontera on four blogs because I am waiting for TextLinkAd‘s secret ‘product’ and also hoping for LinkWorth to come out with some filters. (all my aff links)

As you see, in text links are gaining popularity and more and more companies are using them. Therefore, we have a promising future with this method of making money blogging.

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