Those *&^%##!@ internet marketing sharks!

So, I was getting a little restless and was out surfing the waters for the perfect themes for my Christian-Journey faith blog and my crazy questions people asked on the internet. And I swim and swim around, hoping to find something that I can fall in love with. Then, being the gullible, non-techie people, I saw this link brought up by the search engine.

Being the water fish I am, I jump in, got caught with some sales sweet talk about how great and easy the templates are. I give my fake email. And I need to verify account. Fair enough, I signed into my fake email and got into the site, hoping to download some WordPress template for the price of my fake email. I know they did say something about it being free or something.

And darn! *&&%$#$#!@!! It turned out to be nothing but another one of those cheat people’s money site. You are getting this at 50% price, it is sure to make you a millionaire with our template kinda shit. Damn, I hate those with the yellow highlighting and red wording stuffs. Nabeh, think I am new to the internet or what lah?

Ptuii!!! USD70 for some WordPress templates. I can get that free and I have the joy of making a few dollars of donation. Plus I don’t need to sacrifice my fake email to be sodomised too.

Now, I wonder. Which is more evil? People who write paid posts and getting paid by legit companies or internet marketeers who earn the same amount, cheating novices with empty promises? Blek!

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3 thoughts on “Those *&^%##!@ internet marketing sharks!


    (May 16, 2007 - 1:07 am)

    Can you give me the link to the site? I want to buy the template!

    – MENJ

    Jase Lee

    (May 17, 2007 - 9:51 am)

    Lol problem is that everything lies in expectation. We’re quite a veterans in the internet world that we know all the hooks and nooks all around.

    Newbies? Well, I guess they’d have to pay USD 70 to learn the hard truth.


    (May 20, 2007 - 2:48 pm)

    Are you kidding…those marketing slime are MUCH worse! PayPerPost is not making anyone a millionaire…more like a thousandaire…MAYBE!!!

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