This is the fifth blog I upgraded to WordPress 2.7. I notice the followings :

1) The new WordPress 2.7 folder has over 700+ files. When I am uploading the new files, at least 4-14 files will not get uploaded probably due to my bad internet connection. So, I need to make sure that all those files are manually selected and uploaded.

2) It takes me at least 40 minutes to 2 hours to upgrade just one blog.

3) And the worst problem I face is the awfully long time I need to navigate. It is like the WordPress 2.7 is so heavy and slow and I have to wait a while to go to each option.

Do you guys face the same thing? Approving comment, send comment to spam, write new post and just about everything on the new dashboard takes an awfully long time to load. I have observed several blogs and I don’t think it is my broadband as other sites load normally.

Yayayaya, all I have for WordPress 2.7 is complaint after complaint. You can read all the spanking and cool new features from thousand of blogs out there but I seem to be the only one complaining. Hmmm….

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