I have been waiting for the release of WordPress 2.6 eversince my WP 2.5.1 was hacked with WordPress spam injection.

Finally, WordPress 2.6 is released and I will be the first to jump on upgrading all my blogs. Since the internet connection is working ok, I better do it fast.

Here’s a video on the changes. I do not have time to explore yet but I notice they have sorted the plugins to two sections, i.e. one section are plugins we use and the other, non-active plugins.

I was hoping they will give us two widgets side by side but nope, I still have to deal with picking either one widget at a time. I find it so annoying because when I remove a text widget, the things inside disappeared. So, I need to remember to copy the text, remove the box, go to sidebar 2, paste over into a new text box. I wonder why?

Anyway, upgrading from WP 2.5.1 to WP 2.6 is a breeze. Remember to upgrade!

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