Things to make you more paranoid – Bad Neighbourhood

Recently, I had to keep changing my blog themes because a check with badneighbourhood brought up so many ‘baddies’ in my blog template. If it is just a couple of bad links, then, it is fine but one of the celebrity theme I have, had loads of them.

So, I am going to share with you one link which is going to freak you out. Trust me, if you have a faint heart, don’t check. Because almost every blogs have some associations with bad neighborhoods. For example, my personal blog is extremely ‘BAD’ spelt with capital letters because I sell text links to sex stimulant and I have the keywords sex all over it.

But I have gone beyond caring so let it be. Go here to Bad Neighbourhood, enter your URL and see how many baddies you have hidden in your blog. Of course, it is not to be taken too seriously because they base it on words like nude, naked and etc. In fact, this post will be termed bad because of what I just mentioned. It is not accurate but it will roughly show you what are some of the links you should avoid.

Remember – bad guys have all the fun. And baddies like my blogs make lots of money. The choice is yours….sit by the side and watch the world go buy or jump into the bad neighbourhood and have fun.

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