The war of the pay to blog is on! Bloggers -take advantage of it

First, [tag]Blogitive[/tag] left a message that they are actively improving.

Next I received an email from[tag] Blogvertise[/tag] that they have added a new feature of a grab bag.

Then,[tag] LoudLaunch [/tag]emailed that they are hiring and improving.

This morning, I received an [tag]Affliate Programme[/tag] from [tag]ReviewMe[/tag].

Get Reviewed At ReviewMe!

On top of that, I recently received more offers than usual (which I rejected) from other pay to blog ‘other’ companies.

And last night, there were/and still are so many good opportunities on [/tag]PayPerPost[/tag], I gave up earning and went to sleep. (btw, I am going to hit the USD200/night figure today, cheers for me please :P )

So, now if you are a blogger who can updates and maintains your blog, write decent content, have a certain focus, you are indeed not maximising your earning potential. It is like walking along the road and there are hundreds of dollars, in USD, lying on the grounds and you do not even want to bend and pick it up. Why? Why are some so apologetic to their readers? I shall discuss that in the next topic.

But as a reminder, be careful with what you place on the sidebar. I am not going to quote companies’ names but if you are getting good income from one company don’t put a clashing and competiting company’s badge next to each other. You get what I mean? I am referring to those affiliate programs. Put only what you think can earn you some income and not every damn buttons, including your scout’s honour badge. LOL.

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6 thoughts on “The war of the pay to blog is on! Bloggers -take advantage of it


    (March 1, 2007 - 9:49 am)

    Yeah! I like this war. Let the war begin! Totally agree with you about that part on not picking up the $$$ right in front of you on the floor you walk on and that part about being apologetic and “I’m sorry I have been writing so many sponsored post on this blog, I’ll try not to …. blah blah blah.” Whats there to be apologetic about? Really! By being apologetic you’re saying that you actually agree with the negative naysayers that its bad to be doing paid posts.

    Jase Lee

    (March 1, 2007 - 11:51 am)

    This auntie certainly has helped me with this. I’m now getting some decent money (they still belum approve my post yet) but I can see the future of paid bloggers.


    (March 6, 2007 - 4:30 pm)

    Hey Lilian, how long will u be staying in KL/ I’ll be there on Monday. Btw, congrates on hitting the USD200/day. With so many high paying opps for PR5 & above domains, I have no doubts you will make the Top 5 soon.


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