The spate of s-p-a-m-s are driving me nuts

I have a few posts in my personal blog using the above s-p-a-m-s and oh boy, I have like 300 of them every few hours. Sometimes, two will slip through while I was submitting the ‘Delete All’ button. If I go to sleep, I will wake up to 12 pages of them!

What I had done was to change the titles of the older posts that tend to attract these annoying critters. I used a few filters but many of them blocked out tmnet dial-up and some offices’ servers. I read on one of the blog linked to WP Dashboard that he too is facing a flood of these lately.

This brings me to wonder…what will happened to those companies who run million dollars business website? I see that a few of our local political bloggers had DDoS recently and their sites were down a day or two. If they have business site and with the holiday seasons when everyone is shopping, what will they do if their site is taken down? Scary thought, right?

I bet they wouldn’t mind to spend thousands of dollars to protect their sites with ProxyShield DDoS Protection. It is like their insurance policy, sort of a shop insured against fire or something. According to the site, they will scrub clean all the visitors as protection. That’s sound assuring. Further, they also mentioned that’s came under attack, taking down thousands of customers, and Gigenet’s Proxyshield was able to mitigate the attacks and bring back all of their customers.

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    (December 14, 2006 - 10:47 am)

    You can run a SQL query to shut the comments of posts older than x number of days if you want to.

    – MENJ

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