10) Ten is the highest and no one gets to that level, not even Google

9) You have more friends down here

8) The air is fresher because all PR 0/10 bloggers don’t have that haughty air about them about not writing paid posts or selling text link

7) You are not afraid of anyone or anything

6) You can go to sleep without worrying

5) You do not need to sweat every morning when you log on to your blog to see if the green juice is still there or it has dried up

4) You can throw stones at all the big bullies and you do not need to worry they trample you down by pressing that ‘Report this site’ on Google Webmaster Central

3) You can brag that you are notorious and hence, you are smacked

2) By the time the others get their PR 0/10, you have recovered and you can snigger at them

1) The only way to go is up.

In case you guys are not aware, Google is on PR massacre again. If I am not mistaken, this is round six. 666. You now what they says….The devil is lurking and you are losing your PR real soon…….*insert Freddy Kruger music* Google is coming to claim your glorious PR. Or did Google just did that? Nyek, nyek, nyek…..*smacks butt and do the happy dance*

And welcome to the club. Only a real man (and obnoxious blogger like me) can see the humor of losing PR. ‘Cos there is no other way to deal with it. When you can’t win, you just laugh it off.

BTW, here’s a post on my family which I hope to share with make money bloggers.

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