The pain of rejection

Hahaha, this is not a relationship blog and I am not talking about being rejected by the opposite sex whom we have love interest in. But then, we still feel a tinge of disappointment, self-doubt, lost of esteem and a whole load of feelings.

I am talking about our blogs being rejected when we submit it for some registration. For example, I have been trying to submit this blog to Text Link Ads several times but I never got past the form submission before they throw me a huge rejection message. Awww…this sucks. They said ‘either your traffic is not yadda yadda or your ranking is not yadda yadda yadda’. But I am not giving up. I emailed to their support department and hope they will reconsider.

I think the most important part is we must have perseverance, willing to improve and open to criticisms. We just have to keep pounding on the doors of the big boys and not just settle for the small fishes. Don’t you agree? I want to swim with sharks, even if they kill me.

Post Author: lilian