The kind of stuffs I receive from email


My name is benny, a student from UPM, Serdang. i have looked around and read your blog. very interesting and enjoying! some are serious, some are fun, some are cute, some are just simple but still really nice and attracted people to browse it. You people amuzed me by everything you have in your blog. Each of it is unique and i believe it symbolize the individual. Oh well anyway, i am actually doing a research on bloggers for my project paper. Yup, this is my final semester. So i hope you could help me out by answering the questionnaires attached here.


This bugger sent a group mail to many bloggers and he/she put our emails in the c.c. section. I am terribly pissed with this. This better be a spam and not a real student from UPM, Serdang. If he/she is, then, God help us. Is this the kind of graduates we are churning out from our local university?

I cannot resist and hit the reply all button and wrote :

It is rude of you to spam mail all of us and you did not even put our emails in bcc. And if you are serious about doing research, at least have a better sounding email name than baby gurl. I expect you to take my email off your list or I will report to yahoo for spamming.

BTW, without sounding elitist, I do not do blog surveys unless they are from reputable companies. It is a complete waste of my time.

And don’t anyone dare to send me a group email with all the email adddresses showing because I hate receiving those blardy replies amongst friends. Damn annoying, I tell you. My friendship last as long as there is no forward mails and no group mails. :P I am serious.

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    […] And finally got one person for me to pick on. This guy/or girl, dunno lah, cos the name is benny the email addy is baBy gUrl (puke!) wrote to me to survey bloggers. Niamah, skali this bugger put at least 30 email addresses on the mailing lists. Meaning I can just reply all and the 30 people get it. You said siao or not. So, I told the person off. Some UPM student. And somemore this little bugger ‘teng chui’ (answer back) with me wor. He/or blardy hell, is it a she, said what you know? Said, you want to reply or not up to you. Cilaka, I am angry ‘cos you go and add my email and make a visible mailing lists to so many strangers. And somemore dare to challenge me with ‘you want to reply or not up to you’. Niamah, I where got so much time to go reply someone’s request when they use a name like baBy gUrl and use purple fonts. PURPLE, I TELL YOU! And you think I am so hard up to do survey for some unknown persons meh? You can read the content in my Make Money blog. […]

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