The effect of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays…

Funny right, it is already a month ago and I am talking about the effect. Do you know why? I am sure fellow posties know what I am babbling about. These few days, I didn’t receive the much loved, much anticipated, much welcome emails from my pals. The blue-green [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] and blue-white PayPal. (we get paid after our paid posts are online for 30 days)

You see, during the holidays, advertisers were busy partying and there weren’t that many opps. I also slowed down during the holidays due to heavy commitments. So, I didn’t take any opp during that period. Now, I missed receiving PayPal payments. I just did a check and I will only get payments in another three days.

To make up for that ‘no payment blues’, I had taken more posts that I normally do. I think I have done two opps on most of my blogs. Not something that I like but you know…it is always fun to try to hit the top earner of the day. I am fiercely competitive on some days compared to others. Today is one of those days when I woke up early and there are more money to be earned. Yay! I hit over USD70 at last check. And I still have two more opps to take, if I want. But I think I will go back to bed and sleep. (I woke up early ‘cos my housekeeper forget to bring her set of keys and rang the doorbell for me to open the door for her to come in. Normally, she lets herself in. zzzzzzz…to bed I go.)

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