1. Write a crappy e-book on how to increase pagerank and sell it for USD1.99. I bet you can sell at least 10,000 books.

2. Create a crappy Oh-so-very-real link checker and get all the wankers to believe. Remember to put lots of affiliate banners for your crappy e-book.

3. Sell links for directories that promise to increase your traffic so the suckers will all buy it for USD9.99 for a year or USD19.99 for three years or USD49.99 for a lifetime promise of really high traffic.

4. Create a lousy pay-per-post company, pay two bucks per opp and sell it for three bucks to advertisers and (zero PR) bloggers. Give some bullshit promise of ‘this will be under Google’s radar’.

5. Open a fakey consulting company with some fancy names and promise to reinstate Google pagerank for USD9,999. Ask for deposit of USD199 for administrative charges. Put some 100% pagerank increase guarantee or your money back. Scram and disappear after that.

You will make a lot of moolah from these. Too bad, I don’t have the technology or skills to scam like that. Then again, I have Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder. (from that Pinocchio movie? which is the conscience talking?)

Oh yes, remember to spam your crappy links at all the paid post forums, discussion boards and go to every blogger’s blog and spam them as well.

Moral of the story : Don’t fall prey to scams. Don’t be the blind fish and take in every bait. There are plenty of scams out there and this post is to remind you not to fall into it.

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