LOL, I can’t help it. All the probloggers do that every month to thank their sponsors which is actually to link them for extra link juice. So, I also want to thank my sponsors for February.

I want to thank :

1) Edison Chen

2) Malaysia

3) Pak Lah

4) Edison Chen again

5) Malaysia election 2008

Thank you. Thank you.

Blek, actually, I have no sponsors to thank because I don’t sell advertisements. I find it such a chore to deal with direct sales. But with this new template which comes with those 125×125 squares, I may do so. That is when I figure out how to hack the template. :P The codes are damn confusing so I never have time to check where are the files to meddle with.

Oh ya, my income for February? Just like January income. Not much improvement. I made up in Adsense income because paid posts were really dead. Of course, I have like 40 over opps I can take from PayPerPost but I resisted and refused to touch them. I also did not add in my Nuffnang income because I only add them when I get my cheques. Normally I don’t cash out Nuffnang cheques unless they have hit over four digit.

So, how was your income? Do you expect March to be better? I doubt so…..

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