TextLinkAds – How I made money from it?

Of all the income, I must say TextLinkAds is the easiest to earn money because:

1) it provides a constant income once your links are sold;

2) you do not actually have to write every post to earn money; (but remember to maintain your content and niche)

3) the money is there even when your site is temporarily down (my server was down for a few hours just now and yeap…my Google Adsense daily earning was stagnant until the site is up and my paid post reviewers are knocking on my door for giving them a URL that doesn’t work :( )

TextLinkAds is also the reason I started acquiring new domains because previously, I only run my food blog and personal blog. Then, I acquired a USD1.99/year domain fee from Yahoo for Women Only! blog and guess what? I am getting +/- USD150 per month on Women Only from the ten links from TextLinkAds. Isn’t that a good investment? I get to share my women stuffs and earn money at the same time.

To find out how to sell your links, read some of my previous posts under TextLinkAds category. Two of my sites have sold all the maximum ten links so I suppose my tips work?

This morning, I received an exciting announcement from Text Link Ads which promises more ways to make money :

We have some very exciting* news for WordPress users that should be announced next week. We have a new plugin that will allow you to make more money with your blog!


– Advertisers are counting their clicks. It is very important to place our ad script in an area where your visitors will see and click on the Text Link Ads! By improving the positioning of our ads on your website you will sell more ads and just as importantly you will get a higher rate of renewal!

Thanks again and you have ideas to improve our publisher program please let me know.

Patrick Gavin

So, folks, as usual…..think about getting your own domain, get WordPress.org and you will be on your way to make money, while having fun blogging.

The link is on the sidebar with a referral for me if you sign up and successfully accepted by TextLinkAds. ;)

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