One of the feature on Mac OS X Leopard (or is it already available in Tiger?) is the ability to get our Mac to read. I tell you, I cannot get enough of Alex. Alex is one of the ‘talking’ character and his slang is the most general unlike the other characters.

So, what I did is to highlight my blog post and let Alex ‘read’ for me. It is mighty funny because my personal blog is filled with all kind of colloquial words and also plenty of F words. Alex pronounces the F word so well. Bravo, Alex! I like your pronounciation.

Now I am looking into how to record what Alex said and made it into a podcast. Talking about podcast, I have been meaning to do a podcast but failed to find a time when I can have total silence. Arrgghh….if it is not my kids disturbing, it is the mosque nearby with the prayers, otherwise, it is my neighbour’s home reno works….

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