I have blogged about this many months ago and feel it is good to refresh those who are interested to make money about the Text Link Ads Calculator. If you have not heard of TLA or Text Link Ads, you can check my category and understand how it works and how to sell links on your blog and make money.

Text Link Ads

On TLA site, they have this tool call ‘Text Link Ads Calculator’. You just need to enter your blog URL, choose the category, number of links to sell and pick where you intend to put your links.


For this blog, it is estimated to make USD39 per link per month. That means if I sell all 10 links, I will get USD390 per month. But of course, this blog is just accepted into Text Link Ads in June 2007 so I haven’t manage to sell any links except one.

You can find the calculator from TLA site. However, note that the estimated figure it not always correct. Moreover, I have requested for a higher price for my links when I notice that I fully sold all the links every month. It is good to ‘tarik harga’ or get a little demanding when we know our site sells. Three of my blogs have sold all 10 links. So, it is good to have several blogs, eh?

You can make money with your site now!

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