Text Link Ads calculator – Check your blog worth

I was playing around with TextLinkAds and check the worth of this blog. One link is only a miserable USD3! I didn’t know it worth so little! Well i.e. compared to my personal blog that goes for USD30 per link. Looks like I have a long, long way to go before I submit this blog to TLA.

Basically, if you are approved by TLA and you sell each link for USD20 (as an example) and you manage to sell 10 links, you get 50% of it per month. Therefore, you get a cool USD200 divided by 50%. You get USD100 and TLA gets USD100 each month.

And say you have 10 blogs….whoa….that sounds tempting, eh? I do have more than 10 blogs but not all of them are accepted into TLA because some of them were without page rank yet as they are only a few months old.
You can check your blog worth here using Text Link Ads calculator. If you have a blog hosted by yourself, then do sign up with Text Link Ads (aff). I hope you get a happy boost after checking your blog worth.

Post Author: lilian