Test how fast you can type

It’s a slow day today so I was hanging out at PayPerPost’s forum and chance upon this TypingTest.com site. It is really fun. You can take a typing test to see how fast you type. Thanks to Amy for the link she posted on the forum.

So, if you wish to find out how fast you type, just go over to TypingTest.com and take the test. Use IE, it loads faster. I couldn’t get it to run on Firefox.

This sort of brings back the nostalgia of bygone times. I was 18 years old and fresh out of school when I signed up for a typing course. Back then, we used manual typewriter and the machine needs black ribbons ink. The machine will go clanking and kreaking ‘cos there is no such thing as ‘Return’ or ‘Enter’ key. There was a long, metal handle and we have to use it to turn to the next line. Therefore, we need to watch out if the characters will feed into the line or where we need to add a hyphen. Like sen-tence and never sent-ence. You get what I mean?

asdf ;lkj – Ya, that’s what we learnt in class. Keep repeating that few alphabets before we get to the next line. It was a long, boring class. We need to get our typing certificate from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

Now? Even my three years old can type! The cutest thing is he now spells every word with space. E.g. if he reads a car registration number, he will read out loud – ABC space 1234. (ABC 1234)

Go on, test your typing speed. I only get 60 words per minute with 90% accuracy. I have a certificate for 80 wpm from LCCI. But that piece of paper had been lost for decades. :P

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