Ten reasons I want to attend PostieCon07

If you still haven’t heard of PostieCon07, then you should head over to PayPerPost right now and learn all about it before you continue reading.

So, here are ten reasons why I want to attend PostieCon07:

1) This is the gathering of bloggers from all around the world. (Hey, will someone sponsor me an all expenses paid trip so that I can make this really, really an event with bloggers from all around the world? I live right across the globe, yo.)

2) Any event by PayPerPost is always fun, flamboyant and full of action. (Who doesn’t want to meet Ted Murphy, CEO of PayPerPost and all his staffs?)

3) This is not about making money. This is about learning from the gurus to make you a better blogger. (check out the list of panel speakers and the programme.)

4) Robert Scoble. I want to meet this man. I really do. Once upon a time, he was one of the people who didn’t agree to PayPerPost, he criticised the set-up, then after the disclosure policy is made compulsory, he knows that PayPerPost is really a great idea. So, he agreed to be the keynote speaker.

5) Other big names in the blogging world. Besides Robert Scoble, many bloggers from the business, information technology and other key areas are going to be there to impart their secrets.

6) Meeting up with PayPerPost posties. I think this will be one of the highlight that all bloggers look forward to in any bloggers gathering. I have one on Friday and I am really excited as at now. So, if I were to go to PostieCon07, I think I will do a somersault.

7) Rockstar – I am the future Rockstar. What exactly is a Rockstar? It is how we transformed from being just a humble blogger writing mundane stuffs to one who are pushed to produce great posts. We are the future of the movers and shakers of the internet.

8) I will have something to tell my grandchildren next time. “You know…when I was younger, I attended a conference on blogging and I was a Rockstar.”

9) I have never been to the United States of America.

10) I have earned enough to buy myself a ticket and boarding in USA with my PayPerPost earnings. (but I don’t get to just leave home minus kids, that’s why I can’t make it. So, who wants to sponsor me with a family ticket?)

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1 thought on “Ten reasons I want to attend PostieCon07


    (March 6, 2007 - 11:25 pm)

    Lucky you .. at least it’s accessible .. Would cost $3000 for us to fly out to the US .. so we’re not :(

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