Ten Commandments of Making Money Online

  1. Thou shalt have no other activities before me (me = blog)
  2. Thou shalt not make for thyself an idol of a problogger
  3. Thou shalt not make wrongful use of the name of thy blog
  4. Remember the copyright laws and keep it holy
  5. Honor thy Father and Mother so don’t embarass them by stealing contents
  6. Thou shalt not murder the English language (if your English sucks, improve it for goodness’s sake)
  7. Thou shalt not commit adultery by hanging around A-list blogs to gain links
  8. Thou shalt not steal BLOG’s content, damnit! (especially female bloggers because you do not want to incur a woman’s wrath)
  9. Thou shalt not bear false witness and make fake claims of thou earnings (don’t boast your one year adsense earnings and make it like you earn it in one month)
  10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s blog’s content and ideas


I am very cheesed off with a blogger who opened four blogspot blogs, selectively took contents from related blogs, give credit only AFTER I give him the f word. I said selective because he even changed my TLA affiliate link to his owns while using ALL of my contents. I had reported to the advertisers and alerted the other blogs’ authors whose content were used. My real rant here.

Post Author: lilian

6 thoughts on “Ten Commandments of Making Money Online


    (September 5, 2007 - 3:16 am)

    Think twice before you copy, 5xmom may kill you by writing, haha

    Gorilla Trades

    (September 5, 2007 - 6:45 am)

    What a jerk, i hate it when people steal content.


    (September 5, 2007 - 9:05 am)

    that boy really want to kena some of your september punch laaaa..give it!


    (September 5, 2007 - 9:34 am)

    What nerve to outright copy someone like that. Well atleast he got busted thats the best part of it.


    (September 5, 2007 - 1:05 pm)

    learning from you ~~~


    (September 6, 2007 - 12:20 am)

    Shall we create a ‘name-and-shame-content-thieves-no-credit-given page’? I had similar experience in the past.

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