Audio ad is obtrusive.

Audio ad is annoying.

Audio ad is forcing us to listen to shits we don’t need to hear.

Audio ad is just plain desperado way of advertising.

Audio ad sucks.


I signed up for some audio ad because the paid post I wrote required me to sign up as a member. So, I have been receiving a lot of mails talking about ‘their soon to be launched awesome’ audio ads. I follow the updates because it will somehow make good blog topic.

When a company has to write that many mails before they are even launched, you know they are noobs. You know the company will shut down within a few months. You know it is not something you want to put on blogs that have a certain standard. So, tell me you are not going to join the mob of noobs to place audio ads on your blog.

And whoever promotes it with enticing and misleading titles like ‘Earn money now, you don’t need to do a thing’ to earn affiliate fees, I want to say ‘You are a loser’. Please, spare the blogosphere from annoying audio ads. When I want to read a blog, I will read it. Not listen. I have music plug into my ears and I hate it when other sound farked it up. If a blog has one of those embeded music, I will leave it immediately. Unless of course, they are teens bloggers who write personal blogs, then, it is understandable.

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