Take two aspirins and wait till the internet is back


Last night, the internet was exceptionally slow. It was kind of a challenge because there were so many goodies to grab online and I can’t even log in. But I was on a writing mood and managed to be top earner of the day and month. Hehehehe.

Anyway, the same with the internet line here today and it is one frustrating business. So, with my flu coming and all that, I guess I will take an aspirin, go to sleep and hope that they will restore the line real soon.

BTW, do you know that taking too many aspirins is dangerous to your health? It can kills if you overdose on it. So, don’t mess with it. I have one relative who actually got liver damage after an attempted suicide and she did die eventually. But not before several months of sufferings.

Back to the internet line, I wonder if they are going to get it back running soon? Otherwise, I think I am going to get a permanent headache.

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1 thought on “Take two aspirins and wait till the internet is back

    Günstige Handyverträge

    (January 27, 2009 - 3:56 pm)

    It’s always frustrating every time you want to grab something online but the internet is so slow. It’s especially annoying also if I’m purchasing something online and the internet connection went down or became slower than usual.

    With regards to aspirin, yes it’s dangerous if you overdose yourself. I think any drugs once taken excessively can cause liver damage in the long run.

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