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30Mar Upgrading to WP 2.5 is a breeze and a bitch

I say screw the step-by-step tutorial and just wham, bang, thank you ma’am when I upgrade my WordPress. So far, I have upgraded at least 10 blogs to WordPress 2.5. I just upload the new folders over without deactivating plugin or back-up. Don’t try it unless you know you have a reliable webmaster to help […]

03Feb “Blogspot Users, Cut The Crap..!!”

If you can get money via blogging, why in the world you still used BLOGSPOT? Why don’t you used the money you received and buy your own domain name and hosting?

26Jan aLinks may make you an aList blogger

I discover through Pimp My Page Rank this plugin which will add links to our blog posts. (yayaya, I know this is nothing new but it is new to me) The WordPress plugin aLinks is developed by Sean Hickey of I made a test post over at my personal blog and you can see […]

02Oct Tutorial : How to manage and upgrade your own WordPress blog – Pt 1 FTP

This is my long overdue tutorial which I promised friends. I hate writing tutorials but I guess it is my duty to share the step-by-step of managing ftp accounts, uploading our files, change themes and upgrade our WordPress blog or anything that deals with own hosting. I will write this in several parts so as […]

25Sep How to add tags to your WordPress 2.3 theme?

Firstly, the very, very basic explanation what tag is – It is like a single word used to describe your whole article. For example, if you are sharing a recipe for apple pie, you tag your post with apple, pie, recipe. Then, in the long run, you will conveniently arrange all the apples into one […]