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15Oct LinkWorth – LinkInTxt makes money

This post is definitely not for those who are chicken shits scared of big G-evil. You may leave now. Thank you. However, if you are the adventurous, rebellious and shall I say, daring and a trailblazer type, then read on. One of the products offered by LinkWorth is call the LinkInTxt. Many people do not […]

05Oct Lovely to be greeted by Text Link Ads mails

When you monetize your site, there is a certain thrill in opening your emails each morning. You will be pleasantly surprised to get mails from all the various companies you work for. It can be emails from Paypal telling you that you have just received a huge payment overnight. It can be emails from paid […]

03Oct Reader’s question on my traffic, income and Argus

I got a mail which has a lot of questions. Might as well post it as I believe a lot of people too have the same questions. (italics is the mail) Hi, I noticed you on the boards and ran into your 5xmom blog. I was reading about this argus thing with ppp. Do you […]

29Sep Paypal – Malaysians can withdraw

Wayne Liew pointed out to me Malaysians’ PayPal Dream Comes True and he heard it from Sweet Surrender Malaysians Can Withdraw Paypal Now! – Debit Card Version. I immediately tried it with my UOB Mastercard but got a message that the card issuer bank (i.e. UOB) doesn’t allow it. Anyway, I have no intention of […]

22Sep Can Kontera and LinkWorth’s LinkInTxt play together?

I asked Ron aka Wicko of LinkWorth. If you notice, now I have two link-in-text companies on one blog. I only place it here because I want to test out both companies and see how effective and how well they pay. Kontera’s ads are different from LinkWorth LinkInTxt. Kontera pays per click. Whereas LinkWorth LinkInTxt […]