How many ways do you monetize your site?

I took off Kontera and replaced with Infolinks. They work in similar way, so you can choose one.

Infolinks work with Google Ads so you do not have to worry about that part too. Want to try Infolinks? Use my referral link, please? I ask nicely, ok? Hehehe.

Chitika Premium – invisible yet making money

I put the Chitika Premium code on my Christian blog. The Chitika Premium ads only show to visitors from the USA and certain selected countries. Therefore, it is invisible to me. I do not know what ads are showing on the Chitika Premium but I am seeing money trickling in. What is Chitika Premium? Behaviorally […]

I did make money with Chitika

SIGN UP FOR CHITIKA NOW! It has made me lots of money. Do you know that Chitika was the first company I made money online from? In 2005, clicks from Asia were included and I did get a sum of money each month. Chitika was the reason I opened a PayPal account and I got […]

Is Kontera making money for your blogs?

During the Malaysia General Election’s traffic spike on my personal blog, I took off my Kontera links because they are so confusing to my readers. My readers on the personal blog are not tech savvy and I know those links are going to drive them to madness. The mention of the word ‘election’ will bring […]