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if you wonder if your blog will get pagerank demotion, well….the decision is yours.

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LinkWorth – LinkInTxt makes money

This post is definitely not for those who are chicken shits scared of big G-evil. You may leave now. Thank you. However, if you are the adventurous, rebellious and shall I say, daring and a trailblazer type, then read on. One of the products offered by LinkWorth is call the LinkInTxt. Many people do not […]

Tutorial – How to add LinkAds of LinkWorth to your sidebar

I just made USD40, the advertiser just gained a link and LinkWorth gets a cut. Everyone is happy except Google because this past year, so many companies have emerged and took a huge cut off their advertisements profits. So, they decided to smack us so that we run squealing and yelling to tell others not to sell text link ads and paid posts so that they will have more advertisers flocking to them. Geddit?