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28Feb Ouchie..John Chow lost pagerank again

The pagerank hasn’t been stable and last night, after hearing that Johnchow dot com has a PR 3 from his PR 4, I went to check and found that John Chow still hold on to his PR 4/10. But today, I saw that John Chow now really carries PR 3/10 on his blog. Of […]

28Sep Psst…did ya hear? JohnChow lost his PR6/10!

The blogsphere is very much like soap operas sometimes. There are rags to riches story. And the fallen hero. What about mudslinging? If you haven’t read much A-list tech bloggers like Michael Assrington or Jason Calacanis (who lost to me in the Most Obnoxious Bloggers votes) vs. PayPerPost, then you probably missed some of those […]