Chitika is performing

what you read from probloggers’ blogs and those e-books may not work for us because what works for American publishers don’t work for us Asians. We need to go the extra mile and be more crafty as Chitika do not count Asian clicks. Hence, we have to be very specific with the type of ads we serve and geo target our visitors.

TGIF and another new month ahead

I caught ShaMoneyMaker’s feed and realized that it is time for one of our ‘declare online income post’ once again. I had been out the whole of today because Chinese New Year is approaching and I have lots of shopping to do. Moreover, there is a sale and it is buy, buy, buy and spend, […]

Adsense has paid

I still haven’t cashed out the last Adsense payment and now, the new one is in. Well, looks like a trip to CIMB or Pos Malaysia which has the Western Union logo will bring lots of moolah for Chinese New Year! I am going to get them in cash, take a photo and blog it. […]