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16Dec Do you notice the new features on Google search results?

I know I should be packing my bags, making sure I have the suntan lotion and mosquitoes repellant and such. But I just wish to post one more for the road. I just notice this today. However, I have been too busy to read and am not sure if it is indeed a new feature […]

28Feb Ouchie..John Chow lost pagerank again

The pagerank hasn’t been stable and last night, after hearing that Johnchow dot com has a PR 3 from his PR 4, I went to check and found that John Chow still hold on to his PR 4/10. But today, I saw that John Chow now really carries PR 3/10 on his blog. Of […]

15Feb De-indexed by Google – The worst possible smack, worse than PR 0

Moral of the story – Dun farkit with Google. They will keep strangling you forever.

30Jan Check your internal pageranks

This post is not for those who are Google smacked. Please stay away or you will smack me for rubbing it in. However, I hope there are lessons to be learn from my mistakes. One of my blog (I shall not reveal which) which was Google smacked got PR 0. It was previously a PR […]

29Jan Shoemoney heard that Google may do paid reviews

It could just be a rumor. It may be true, one day. Whatever it is, we who have blogs will herald this as good news. So again…. there is no credible source that is saying Google is getting into the paid review marketplace but it would certainly seem like it would be a very good […]

21Jan Whinning about Google smack you to PR 0 is a complete waste of time

So, PPP updated all my blogs and I have three PR 4 blogs, some PR 3, PR 2 and PR 1 blogs on PPP. Although I had taken off the PPP code, like I said earlier, my blog stays there. I can see 16 juicy opps on PPP which I am qualified to take although […]

28Sep Psst…did ya hear? JohnChow lost his PR6/10!

The blogsphere is very much like soap operas sometimes. There are rags to riches story. And the fallen hero. What about mudslinging? If you haven’t read much A-list tech bloggers like Michael Assrington or Jason Calacanis (who lost to me in the Most Obnoxious Bloggers votes) vs. PayPerPost, then you probably missed some of those […]