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04Aug Claiming my spot in the Top 100 Make Money blogs in the world

I just checked my old post and noted that once upon a time, this blog was on the #25 spot in the world Top 100 Make Money blogs. Then, I got Googlesmacked and the position nose dive. The blog never really regained its position. Still I am lucky that I manage to stay on the […]

12Feb What’s your definition of a problogger?

The post by Hyder from everybodygoto got me thinking and I think I want to ramble on about this term ‘problogger‘. I know Hyder briefly from one of the paid post forum but I think both of us have left the paid post field for a while. However, I still subscribe to his blog because […]

03Feb “Blogspot Users, Cut The Crap..!!”

If you can get money via blogging, why in the world you still used BLOGSPOT? Why don’t you used the money you received and buy your own domain name and hosting?

29Jan Tend your blog like your garden

I have been busy these few days with endless number of things to do. And suddenly, this came to my mind. Many years back, I was crazy about gardening. It involves a lot of work. Planting = writing new posts Weeding = remove spams, useless ads, stuffs on sidebar and any posts that make not […]

17Jan Blogging for money is 50% analysing, 40% reading and 10% writing

*A re-post* People will tell you not to be too obsessed with looking at your stats. But if you are blogging for money, it is one of the most important thing to do. You cannot forge ahead blindly and keep churning out articles. You are only wasting time. You have to know where your traffic […]

27Sep Finding that breakthrough

It is very, very hard to stand up and be seen in this huge, huge world call the blogsphere. Some people spent their time just commenting on top bloggers’ site to get on the top commentors list. (I disabled mine due to plugin problem at the moment) Some seek out controversies to create a ripple. […]

22Sep Can Kontera and LinkWorth’s LinkInTxt play together?

I asked Ron aka Wicko of LinkWorth. If you notice, now I have two link-in-text companies on one blog. I only place it here because I want to test out both companies and see how effective and how well they pay. Kontera’s ads are different from LinkWorth LinkInTxt. Kontera pays per click. Whereas LinkWorth LinkInTxt […]