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28Mar It is going to be payday at Googledom

28th March. Payment in progress. Anytime, we can get our Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) number and head over to Western Union branch and cash out our cold, hard cash in Ringgit Malaysia. Blogging is fun!

28Feb What to do if your Adsense spikes

Avoid whining to your blog readers that you are not earning much from Adsense which is indirectly begging for clicks. If all your readers know how pathetic you are, they may out of compassion click on your ads as they leave your blog everyday. This will sets off a pattern which can clearly be seen by Adsense.

28Jan Adsense has paid

I still haven’t cashed out the last Adsense payment and now, the new one is in. Well, looks like a trip to CIMB or Pos Malaysia which has the Western Union logo will bring lots of moolah for Chinese New Year! I am going to get them in cash, take a photo and blog it. […]

14Aug “I make eggs (zero income) from my Google Adsense!”

Here are what you should know before having ideas that Google Adsense is the goose that lays the golden eggs., goose, adsense, no cents. Nice eh?