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I have two or three blogs that do not receive many comments but on and off, receive some questions. Therefore, having a subscribe to comment is a good thing because the person who asked for certain recipes or cooking tips will more likely be informed that I have replied to their questions. This will make them appreciated and not neglected. Moreover, how often do we keep the permalink in our browser and return to check if the question we asked have been answered? I never do that.

Personally, I am always careful to un-tick the little box so that I don’t get notification unless I want to follow the ongoing discussion. In fact, sometimes, I find it annoying too. Hehehe.

However, this plugin – Subscribe to Comments is still a very good way for me to communicate with my blogs visitors. I have a way of them coming back to my site. Then, chances of them browsing around my blog increases if they have landed on it when the email notified them that I have replied.

So, here’s what I do to different blogs:

High traffic, high number of comments – I leave the option to my readers to choose if they want to subscribe.

Low traffic, low number of comments, cooking blogs – I chose the option to subscribe and if they do not want to receive email notification, then, they can log in and unsubscribe.

Recently, due to some bugs, the subscribe to comment plugin screwed up and people get an error message. However, this guy, Mark had updated the plugin and now, I can see who subscribe and which post has the most subscriptions. Neat! I love to know that people love me. Hahaha.

So, if you have not install the plugin, you may want to try it. But please be considerate. Do not use the option to get all your readers to subscribe if your blog receives a high number of comments. Make it their option to choose. But if your blog does not have that many comments and you know your visitors are from a different group (i.e. those who are not that tech savvy and mostly missed the tiny box), then, make it easy for them.

Mark :) Good job, love the plugin.

BTW, folks, if you are earning money from blogging and the plugins you use are helpful, remember to tip the little piggie bank of the plugin author. Just a few clicks on your Paypal. This will encourage these tech wizards to improve and give us better plugins.

Post Author: lilian