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I have ‘itchy’ fingers. When I am bored, I will find things to do. When I have money in my PayPal, I will find ways to spend it. I only like to spend on things related to improving my site like advertising and links buying. Lucky I am not the shopping kind who spends money on buying women stuffs.

I created an opp on [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] but I am still waiting to see the performance before I blog about it. Then, I also paid for some links on another new advertising company. I am not going to mention names because the performance is dismal. (note to self – Never listen to [tag]John Chow[/tag]’s bullshit. He is like the king of paid posts now. Every damn post is a sponsored post! Gah!)

Last night, I decided to log into my [tag]StumbleUpon[/tag] account. I actually joined StumbleUpon a long time ago when they first launched. I even paid for some advertising for my Best Recipe food blog. Back then, I could only afford USD20. LOL. Anyway, it is nice to feel like a real ‘business person’ with that [tag]advertising[/tag] campaign.

Yesterday night, I paid USD50. 5 cents a click. I limit to USD5 per day. Just for the heck of it. Traffic do increase but whether the people who pass by bother to read or even bookmark or subscribe to my blog, I don’t freaking care. I just want to spend the money. Because I can.

Now if only that blardy Google Adwords will accept PayPal! I don’t like to use credit cards because I don’t like my hubby to know what I do with my online stuffs. Anyone can lend me your card? I can pay you in PayPal, extra 10%.

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3 thoughts on “StumbleUpon advertising campaign


    (July 27, 2007 - 2:30 am)

    Hmmm…I can lend u my card if you want :) Come to think of it, why don’t you just get a debit card from PBB under your name?

    – MENJ


    (July 27, 2007 - 4:53 am)

    Yeah, you can get a debit card from PayPal in your own name.

    Anyway, thanks for the information about Stumbleupon. I just started using social networking, but haven’t seen many results yet.


    What about a credit card, but you put your best friend’s address as mailing address lah.Like this, your letter won’t be sent to your house lah and your honey won’t find out at all.

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