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I heard about StumbleUpon from LiewCF’s blog and immediately signed up. According to Liew, he gets hundreds of visitors from StumbleUpon traffic. That sounds enticing. True enough, my blogs are getting traffic from StumbleUpon too. Not much but there are traffic, that’s what matters. :)

What is StumbleUpon and how it works?

  1. Sign up with StumbleUpon
  2. Download the toolbar and now all you need to do do is to click the little green SU button to go to a random webpage.
  3. You can narrow down the kind of things you want to surf. Like for e.g. hunk male adult and taddaaaa… get all webpages with this content.
  4. It makes surfing so much easier and faster than having to keep typing in keywords. Most times, we don’t get relevant pages too. But with StumbleUpon, you get mostly related sites.
  5. Think of yourself as a tourist and you are riding a free bus to tourist spots to discover new sights!

We can rate websites we visited. Just click on the thumb up or thumb down icon. Easy eh? Do add me as your friend if you like. My nickname is 5xmom.

Oh I forget, you need to use Firefox browser in order for it to work.

Another great resource.  It helps when we have bloggers’ block and need some fresh materials to write.  Merely stumble on some sites, pick something and talk about it on your blog.  Remember to give credit and link to your source, ok?  That’s good karma.

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2 thoughts on “Stumble upon StumbleUpon


    (November 19, 2006 - 10:43 am)

    Yes, indeed this is one cool thing for my browser. i like.

    Ah Pek

    (November 19, 2006 - 9:09 pm)

    Yes, I have been using it for sometime. Can get lots of new ideas,

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