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Meta tags are those we inserted into our page without showing up on the page. Some people said meta tags are not important. I think it is. It is important for Yahoo and MSN at least.

Pimpmypagerank has a feature where you can spy what other bloggers are stuffing into their blogs in their attempts to get hit by the search engines.

Remember that stuffing irrelevant keywords into your websites if against Google Websmaster terms and someone may decide to report you. My friend found out some shocking keywords stuffings using drug names into a very innocent looking site before.

Here’s another good example of keywords stuffings :

keyword tracker

This blog has nothing about recipes and certainly never post a photo of any foods. Yet, the blogger is trying to pwn those keywords. Oh ya, make money is a hot keyword too but too bad, it takes divine intervention to be #1. Dream on…How about Best Malaysian whiner? That will be apt. And no, I am not the only one who says that people like these who stuffed keywords irrelevant to their blogs are just lame. OrganicIncome has a post about the same blogger I am referring to but on a different topic.

Go on, check what are the keywords people are trying to pwn. Go got Pimpmypagerank keyword grabber.

The most helpful thing I found is never try too hard and things will come to you. Otherwise, sometimes, people ended up like the Old man and the donkey tale. That’s exactly what the aforementioned blogger gets. None of the keywords bring up his blog.

But if you use this positively, it helps us to know better how to word our posts and use some relevant keywords in your blog posts.

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3 thoughts on “Spy other bloggers’ keywords


    (February 26, 2008 - 12:54 pm)

    Yaloh, cannot cash in hari hari whine whine whine, SWINE. His sneaky ways will soon be apparent to Google.

    Obnoxious = 5xmom | The Obnoxious 5xmom

    (February 27, 2008 - 1:58 am)

    […] someone buzzed me about a post I wrote in Make Money blog. The person wants to know if I am referring to such and such blogger. I like that! It makes people […]


    (February 27, 2008 - 2:52 am)

    Meta Tags are one of the most important part of the page . They define the content that the search engine is reading. I do SEO and trust me they are placing those words for a reason.

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