And don’t say your mama never tell you that it is bad to put all your eggs in one basket.

Sometimes, in our frenzy to make money, we can get so caught up with only one source. That’s what happened to me many months ago when I was totally dependent on PayPerPost. BTW, I have touched USD15K at PayPerPost in August 2008. I joined in August 2007 so that means I made a cool USD15K from PayPerPost within one year.

When PayPerPost started geo-targetting, i.e. the huge pie only for USA bloggers, all of us Asian bloggers were choking and dying. That’s when I started to seek out other sources of income.

Well, I have managed to pull through and didn’t do too badly. Now, I have several sources of income and they come in different ways of making money online. Banner ads, textlinks, paid posts, affiliate and in text links. I never bother to sell ads direct because I am too lazy to manage them.

Picture 3.png

Just to encourage those who wish to make money blogging, the above is a screenshot of my PayPal account. I cannot share the amount I make because some of the companies do not allow me to reveal. However, each withdrawal is usually USD495 (i.e. I only withdraw in blocks of USD500 and USD5 is deducted).

It is time for another withdrawal! Ta ta!

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