Spouse 2.0 Day – December 7th

I was reading one of my most hated blog :P and learnt about Spouse2.com. According to the very nice, fuschia pink colour site :

On Spouse 2.0 day you should…

1. Buy your significant other a present in appreciation of all the the time you neglected them while running your start-up this year. They shouldn’t have to wait for Christmas to get something special!

2. Post about your special gift, and the sacrifices your spouse has made on your blog, twitter or other self-publishing services.

3. Tag all photos and posts with “Spouse 2.0” as evidence

So, let me do my spouse appreciation post in advance, just in case I forget.

I actually did buy a present for my hubby yesterday. It is still in its silver foil.

pink christmas present silver box

This is the rare thing I bought for him because I don’t work aka I don’t have money. So, even if I buy, it was his money and hence, I don’t see a reason to buy. However, I have been earning good income from blogging these few months and decided to buy him something. Actually, I had earned enough to buy him a big bike, if he has allowed it.

I wouldn’t say that he has made sacrifices. But he is probably the nicest man ever because he can stand my late nights and my self-mumbling when I cannot figure out some stupid codes or struggling with coming up with the next storyline for my posts while the clock is ticking.

I tell you, if we exchange places, I will probably move into my own room. But I am lucky he sleeps like a log and by midnight he has dozed off while I work in the bedroom till 3-4 am. I didn’t work from the living room because it gets awfully quiet and I am scared of ghost. Heh.

On top of that, he has indulged me with a lot of gadgets. He knows that I don’t work so hard for the money but rather to prove to myself the things I can achieve. I love bragging to him about how his wife’s post has reached the top of the search engines.

The best thing is he doesn’t read my blogs so I have total freedom to write and say what I want. I get to maintain that individuality on my blogs. A woman/spouse needs that space, you know? The only time when he reads are when I MSN him a link about our anniversary or my kids’ posts.

Frankly, I would feel suffocated if my spouse really get involved with what I am doing. I hate people patronising my thoughts so bugger off, dear. Hahaha. Having said that, I keep a strict reign on what I reveal on my blog and give serious thoughts to what I write about my personal life.

To all the married bloggers, remember December 7th. Make a special post for your spouse.

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3 thoughts on “Spouse 2.0 Day – December 7th


    (December 6, 2007 - 10:56 am)

    Ha, coincidently our wedding anniversary falls on 7th December :-)


    (December 6, 2007 - 12:33 pm)

    Spouse 2.0 Day never heard of it before but I am lucky too my hubby never bother what I am doing up to 2 am :)

    Jenny Wilde

    (December 6, 2007 - 11:13 pm)

    Wow, thanks for letting me know! I’ve never heard of spouse 2.0 day before, but seems like it could be a nice thing to do for my husband! Not sure I’ll have time to buy a present, but I’ll do an extra nice post instead!

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