I bought my Sony Vaio laptop in March 2007. After one year and a few weeks, the Sony laptop battery died. And after one year, three months, the motherboard, speakers and hard disk died! Can you freaking believe it?

I did not use the laptop for any heavy duty games. I have a Cooler Master fan to keep it cool and usually, I work in aircond room. I shut down the computer like one or twice a week and the rest, I put it in Sleep mode, as what I was told. (Even the technician in Apple told me to put my Mac to sleep and shut down only once or twice a week.)

pink computer

The stupid laptop costs RM4,998 because it was quite newly released then. And guess how much the parts are going to cost, excluding the battery? RM2,400! The battery costs RM850. That makes it a total of RM3,200. With that amount of money, I can buy a new laptop already.

I have lodged a complaint with Sony Customer Service. It is ridiculous that the laptop have such a short lifespan. If the motherboard gives way, I do understand. But the speaker and hard disk too? It just doesn’t make sense because I expect Sony products to be more durable than a one year lifespan.

I don’t expect them to give me any special discount for the repairs so the laptop is as good as dead. DON’T EVER BUY SONY LAPTOPS, EVER! Let’s not even talk about the sucky Vista and a hosts of other problems I encountered like not being able to start, not being able to shut down, killing off the whole house internet connection the moment the Vaio logs on, the incompatibility with some of the softwares (black hats one LOL) that I use etc etc etc.


Lucky that the money I used to buy the laptop is not some hard earned, blood, sweat and tears money but some windfall from online income. Otherwise, I think I will strangle self for the stupid decision to buy a laptop just because it was pink. BTW, at that time, Dell hasn’t produce coloured laptops, only boring silver/black ones. Now, if I am going to buy again, I am going for a red laptop. Who cares what the spec is, as long as it is red. That means, I must work harder to make money online to feed my stupid choice. A red Dell will be good.


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