I have put up the widget for Scratchback about a week ago. Normally, if a program doesn’t reward me in affiliate fees, I usually ‘forget’ to mention how good it is. I mean, I cannot simply recommend something that may or may not work, right? ;)

Anyway, someone Scratched my Back today. Basically, it is a text link placement on our sidebar with no-follow links, meaning big bad Google cannot penislized you (a term I stole from LinkWorth’s blog) , decreasing your PR size, making you feel small and inadequate. I priced mine at USD10 per week but you have the option to price it anything you like. I get 90%, ScratchBack gets 10%.

So, check out the ScratchBack site and test if it works for you. If only they accept PayPal, I would have bought a bunch of coffee for my blog buddies. But they only accept credit cards and I hate using it.

If you are feeling generous and wish to get on the sidebar of the blog which has the keyword money on frontpage (last I checked, I was even on #1 position) in Google Malaysia, then, you better hurry up before I increase my price. ;)


LinkWorth which is making me good money has announced a change in our referral number. All along, I am using the right one, I think. But if you are not sure, you better log in and check. If you haven’t sign up with LinkWorth, do so now.

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