I have seen way too many blogs promoting this little link checker call the realwanker.com. In almost every post, they said Izea has launched this realwanker.com and the link goes to this blue page and gives the most ridiculous numbers. I get over 50+ out of 100 (which is the bestest of all) for most of my blogs. The crappier my blog is, the higher the number is.

So, I can bet that all of you who have been promoting this link is wayyyy…….misinformed.

I do not think that Pete and the development team in Izea will come up with crappy stuffs like these. I had interacted with Pete over at PPP forum for a year and I know that’s not the stuff Pete and the host of handsome guys do at Izea. Pete is a British, for queen’s sake! (which means they are blardy thorough, efficient and strict) What you guys are getting is one cheap shot using Izea RealRank. Here, read ‘The real skinny of RealRanks

When is this all happening?

Tomorrow, fingers and toes crossed, we’ll be calculating RealRanks for all PayPerPost users that have ITK (PPP Tools) installed. We’ll be displaying your RealRanks to you inside PayPerPost.com.

So, enough already! The real Izea will be launched real soon, like tomorrow. So, stop promoting that stupid link checker, doh! Meantime, I am stocking up on coke and popcorn ‘cos I foresee lots of ruffled feathers when the real truth unveils itself. Nyek, nyek, nyek….I am still adamant that the RealRank will cause more heartaches to you than the smack by Google.

In case you still insist to visit realwanker.com, just change the alphabet W to R. You will find it. I am so not gonna promote a crappy link checker like that. Ptui!

P/S : I have uninstalled the PPP tools from this blog. This blog is no longer on PPP’s network. *whisper mode* But I think I have 10 more blogs which are…

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