Some new things regarding category at PayPerPost

I know many of you do not hang around PPP as much to hear the developments going on. So, let me share some of what I learnt through the [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] blog, forum and also my hands-on experience with my blogs.

1) Categories

PPP has implemented the new categories and now includes a more general one. Log in to your My Blog > Edit and select ONLY FOUR. Remember that you cannot just make any choice. Your blog has to have at least 35% of the posts in each category. I have huge problems with my personal blog because it is essentially a parenting blog in a way and I have to have 35% of 2,000 posts under parenting. Now they have Female Topics, Living and that makes life much easier for me. Phew…

2) No change in category

I was lucky in a way that all my blogs were down and I cannot make any changes to my category. I only have one blogspot blog to experiment with. So, I changed it and only realised that after hitting the submit button, I cannot make any amendment until the next 30 days. Lucky, I did make a wise selection. Otherwise, you can expect your posts to be rejected when the reviewers found your selected category does not reflect the real elements of your blog.

It is not easy to categorise a personal blog. Make sure that you have at least 35% of each category before you make that choice. I have been rejected a few times because the advertisers insist my blog is not a parenting blog. How can a five times mom blog not be a parenting/family blog, right? I picked gossip as one choice but I wonder if they want celebrities gossips or gossips I made about my neighbours? LOL, let’s see what happen in the next month.

I urge you to log on to PPP now and make your category choice now because there may be wrong categories there. Think long and hard if your blog is a personal blog before selecting the four choices. Remember – 35% of your posts must reflect that category. Most of my blogs are niche and hence, it is not difficult to make the choices. Make sure you read what Pete, the Development Team leader has written about New Roll Out.

I have seen higher paying opps since the new roll out and I must say I am mighty pleased. Only downside is only my personal blog qualifies and I have to reluctantly post three paid posts per day, which I know my readers hate it. Oh well…can’t please everyone so I might as well please myself. Who can turn away from three-figure USD per opp, right?

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    (March 30, 2007 - 8:49 pm)

    shit i changed it to the general categories, now all i am getting is low paying opp, less than 10

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