I was so pissed with the WordPress 2.7 blogs I host with Bluehost on shared hosting. I do not have problems with my main blogs which is hosted on the VPS server.

So, I shoot a complaint to them through their support ticket. I got a mail that goes, “Dear Customer, It came up pretty quick for me. I checked the server and everything looks good. ”

I guess Bluehost must have a million complaints and they have gotten defensive when we blame the slow speed on their hosting. In turn, they blame our php codes. Being a noob, I do not have much choice so I just followed these steps they gave me to overcome the slow WordPress 2.7 speed :

Just follow these steps: (Note: It is always a good idea to back up your database before making any changes)

1. Log into your cpanel.
2. Click on phpMyAdmin.
3. On the left will be a list of your databases. Select the one you want to repair/optimize.
4. This will load all of the tables in your database into the right side. At the bottom of this list, there is a link called “Check All”. Click that.
5. Just to the right of the check all link there is a drop down menu that says “With Selected.” Click on that, and choose “repair”.
6. You should get a page that will list all the tables, with “OK” listed next to them. When this is done, look up to the top of the page, and click on the “Structure” tab.
7. This will take you back to the page you saw on step 4.
8. Click “Check All” again, and then choose “Optimize” in the drop down menu.

You should see the same page as in step 6. You’re done!

Many weird MySQL errors can be fixed by this process. I suggest doing these steps frequently to keep your database in good condition.!

I did the above and the speed of my Dashboard loading is a little bit faster now.

So, if you have WordPress 2.7 that takes forever to load, then, you may want to try this.

I don’t guarantee it works for you though.

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