SocialSpark – PayPerPost posties should read this

I wish I am at the PostieCon. Actually….I can afford it. IF I flew to Las Vegas alone. Which is of course, just a dream. ‘Cos I never go anywhere without my kids. :( Imagine me sitting there at the announcement of the winners of the Bloggers Choice Awards …”The finalists of the Most Obnoxious Blogger awards are……Perez Hilton……5xmom…….Shellysomething….And the winner is….drumrolll……not 5xmom”

A few people have gotten the sneak peak of SocialSpark which is going to big. Very big. Do go and read these posts to get an understanding of the things to come. Bottomline, build your blog traffic, forget about your PR demotion because SocialSpark will take care of our real stats, fill it with good contents so that advertisers love your site. Niche blogs, hosted on your own domain are what you should work for.

Andy Beard‘s post will lead you to the other two sites with more information on SocialSpark. I always love Andy’s blog. His explanations are so easy to grasp. And that man is never too busy to come by and say hi. He is the champion of the underdogs. LOL.

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4 thoughts on “SocialSpark – PayPerPost posties should read this

    Wayne Liew

    (November 11, 2007 - 7:23 pm)

    It will be the next big thing. No doubt! Quality bloggers or reviewers will win this time, not page rank or alexa manipulator.

    Lilian, over at Andy’s article, I saw your avatar, have you revived your MyBlogLog account?


    (November 11, 2007 - 9:56 pm)

    wayne – LOL, I have to protect my mybloglog or else some lame guy ‘stole’ my identity. I used to have mybloglog, then, I left it (before Yahoo bought over). Some lame guy, used my avatar, claim my blog and go around dropping comments as my blog but the url pointed to his blog. In the end, I have to sign up with mybloglog and claim my blogs again. Stupid things stupid people do. I changed my avatar already cos I hate seeing my own photo on every blog.


    (November 12, 2007 - 5:12 am)

    I have to agree. Good article. Keep it up ;)

    John Motson

    (November 12, 2007 - 8:43 am)


    Thanx for pointing me to SocialSpark, I will make sure I read up more on that.


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