It’s the weekend and it has been a while since I go out to the mall. There is a fair going on and I saw those tiny laptops call the E-PC or something and I was almost tempted to grab one and run. It sure beats my current mode of mobile surfing using my tiny QWERTY keypad on my mobile phone. Then, my kids wanted a Nintendo Wii and another kid wants a PSP. After that, we passed by our regular camera shop and the handsome, friendly store promoter asked me to go and try the Nikon D90. He is offering to take my Nikon D40 as a trade in.

Now, with so many gadgets that scream at me to take them home, I wish I am still as rich as I was. Previously, I have a stash of extra cash every month to splurge on these luxuries in life. But with the looming bad economy, I supposed I have to be super discipline and stick to frugal spending from now on.

It’s time to be the smart shopper and do all the research I can before I start shopping. I do not want to end up with a Sony Vaio that serves me for only one year. Or any gadget bought on a fancy.

With the availability of the internet and the multitude of gadget reviews and gadget blogs, it is easy to run through all the good and bad reviews before we invest our money. For example, if one is looking for a universal remote control, one can read the Logitech review. Hmmmm….I have never seen a universal remote control but I wonder if it is risky to have only one remote? What if we lost it and our whole house system goes bonkers?

Anyway, if you are looking for write up on network media player or wish to find any online backup services, check out this site. It is a gadget advisor blog which covers some of the latest gadgets.

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