Sneaky ways to lure the much awaited advertisers

Ok, take this post as a light joke.  Most serious webmasters aren’t going to teach you this because they already have a big presence and advertisers need to line up to put their advertisements.  But for small fries like me, I have to find ways to attract advertisers.

Here are some sneaky ways to do it.  Well, not sneaky in an illegal way but more like ‘How to attract and make a man fall in love with you on the first date’ kinda way.

FIRST – Put a visible, non-restricted, public view site meter to show your stats.

Those SEO gurus are going to tell you that these stats aren’t worth it.  True.  Because most people read your blogs from feeds and never physically click your URL.   But to most of us and the advertisers, we still rely on the stats counter (OneStat, StatCounter, Sitemeter etc) for a quick glance of our traffic and the keywords from search engines.   If you want to attract potential advertisers, make sure that those advertisers who are ‘shopping’ for a place to advertise have a quick and easy way to check your traffic.  Not everyone knows about Alexa, Google Analytics and stuffs like that, you know?

SECOND – Dress up your blog. 

Everytime I submit  my site to some new publishers aka money making programme, I take extra precaution to make sure that I don’t post something negative.  Remember that our ‘appearances’ are at the mercy of these ‘judges’.  Just like if you have placed yourself to some matchmaking options, you will want to act your best and dress your best.  Impressions count and more so, if it is some newly launched programme.

THREE – Walk the talk 

Ok, everyone is waiting eagerly for [tag]Review Me[/tag] to drop us some assignments to review.  So, after I put up my blog, I wait for advertisers to check me out.

And true enough, there are clicks to my Mom’s Daily blog, scrutinising if my blog is worth their money.  So, I play the part of reviewing something, just for show.  I posted something about chocolates!  A tame, non-opinionated, easy to digest post, just in case someone pass by.

So, is your petticoat showing?  Are you lining up some pretty flowers to decorate your blog?   Have you read and re-read, check and re-check your grammar and tenses?  I hate it but what to do….we the publishers are the pretty maids all in a row, waiting for that elusive and rare Mr. Right to come by.

Good luck in your  flirting process!  And please tell me if I missed out any other ways to tempt advertisers.

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4 thoughts on “Sneaky ways to lure the much awaited advertisers


    (November 10, 2006 - 11:56 am)

    ReviewMe doesn’t accept free hosted blogs *sigh* :-(


    (November 10, 2006 - 12:03 pm)

    But I saw some Blogspot blogs there? Hey, get your own domain lah, it is worth it, you know…


    (November 10, 2006 - 10:29 pm)

    Blogspot blog can meh? Maybe my PR3 not enough for them, then? I am lazy to get own blog domain and don’t know how to set up and maintain and afraid of hacks LOL

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